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FEATURED: VJ, Out of the Factory, Music goes further, Stockholm, 2017

One of my most enjoyable projects to date. Into the Factory was going to be Swedens largest Techno festival but was sadly cancelled in 2017 last minute. In its place, a few replacement events were organized for the festival goers. I was invited to perform at the third one of these, getting the chance to perform for recognized techno artists Dana Ruh, TM404 and Dasha Rush. With the dark and heavy hitting techno sounds of the artists, I tried to match it with an energy filled, black and white, "us against the robots" kind of themed video set. Because of the cancellation, the invitation was late and left me little time to create material. Because of this, I built the project using three layers, a background, a subject and a foreground. With this, I could mix and remix my material live, creating different combinations for different levels of energy. The set was successful and I got a great response from festival goers. The video content was created in Cinema 4D and After Effects. The documentation video was edited in Premiere Pro. Video also features two other VJ's performing at the event.

Visual artist, Island of Light international light art festival, Smögen, 2018

I was invited as a part of the Svärmorstunga artist collective to create and project light art on a 150m long cliff in smögen. The content was made in After Effects.


VJ, Addicta & Abadai at FIVE nightclub, Gävle, 2018

Addicta & Abadai was invited to perform at FIVE nightclub and I joined them on stage to DJ & VJ. Video material was created with the album cover as inspiration. A lot of content featuring pineapples and emojis with pink backgrounds. Extra attention was given to their newest song, giving it extra content specifically made for it. Content made in Cinema 4D, Blender and After Effects.

VJ, Logdans Valborg, private party, Falun, 2018

I joined the Logdans collective in a cabin to perform visuals during two DJ performances. I used my expanded techno VJ set and got a great response from the audience and DJ's. The night was well prepared and I had a wonderful evening. VJ set was performed with Resolume Arena and synced to the music by ear. Content made in After Effects and Cinema 4D. The documentation was edited in Premiere Pro. Video also features two other VJ's performing at the event.

Graphics Designer and Motion Graphics artist, Album and promotional material, Addiicta - Cuidado, 2018

I was approached by a local artist to create an album cover for his new album along with some promotional material in a mobile format. He had a clear idea of what he wanted as the subject so it was just up to me to create it. The cover was created in Blender and Photoshop. The moving material was created in Cinema 4D, Blender and After Effects. Due to the short deadline before release, the models were bought and the materials were edited to better suit the render style. The fluid was created using Blenders built-in fluid simulation.

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VFX artist, Brännpunkt, 2018

During my time at Dalarna University, I got contacted by a group of film students in need of a VFX shot for their film. A flood of water was supposed to appear and flood a corridor, flowing towards the camera. I used this as a good excuse to try blenders built-in fluid simulation to create the shot. They had a tight deadline so sadly I didn't get a lot of time to experiment with the shot. Because it was my first time with Blenders fluid simulation I also noticed late in the progress that it's not equipped to deal with larger simulations. The students were still happy with the result and used it in 

the final movie. I would not use Blenders built-in fluid simulation for anything larger than a drinking glass in the future.

The final simulation was composited into the shot using After Effects.

Music Video Production, Bugra Atmaca & Emrah Celik - Go with Me ft. Jessica Jolia, 2018 (awaiting release)

During my last year of University, I was tasked to do a final production with an external client. I got in contact with the local musician Emrah Celik who had a new single quickly approaching release and a music video needed to be made. Emrah already had a story he wanted to clearly show in the video and I worked with him to adapt it to suit a music video. He wanted to show three people and from different cultures, coming together for the music. He contacted three people that he wanted in the music video and I set off with them to go to a few key locations Emrah had

requested. Emrah had a few design requests. He wanted the video to be clean and not feature any over the top effects or graphics to avoid it seeming too commercial. The entire video was recorded using a Sony FS7. Editing was done in Premiere Pro with a few clips made in After Effects. Video and music are signed but is still awaiting release.

VJ, Vinterfesten, Musik i Dalarna, Orsa, 2017

Me and my project partner for the "Dansa Min docka" project were invited to perform it once again at the winter festival "Vinterfesten". The concert hall was located inside a warehouse belonging to a company focused on automated production lines. Surrounded by robots we were once again joined by the dancers from the last time. We learned from the last project and decided for simplicity's sake to not use the Kinect this time, without the Kinect we created effectors to generate the graphics instead of the dancers. We also spent time on expanding the project

creating more clips to add variety. Just like last time we got a great response from both the audience and the organizers. The material was generated live in TouchDesigner and premade clips triggered from Resolume Arena. Motion material was created in TouchDesigner, After Effects and Cinema 4D. Video was recorded using a Panasonic AJ-PX230 and edited in Premiere Pro.                                               (VIDEO NOT YET ADDED)

VJ & DJ, Sheside goes Riotfest, Sheside, Falun, 2017

I joined the Svärmorstunga collective to bring an Audiovisual experience to the Sheside Goes Riotfest event. The event was located in an underground restaurant. We added two projectors in the ceiling to project visual material both behind the stage and at the back wall of the room. I performed a back to back DJ/VJ set together with another artist.

VJ & Visual artist, Störning pågår, Musik i Dalarna, Falun, 2017

As an end to the second year at Dalarna University, we were invited to create and perform the visual part of an experimental audiovisual concert combining orchestrally performed live music and modern visual art. Working from the very beginning with the organizers we created a theme to encase the entire concert and concert hall. (NOT COMPLETE)


Audiovisual performer, School work, Falun, 2017

Audiovisual performance was the final production in the first half of my second year at Dalarna University. The task was to create and perform an audiovisual piece live. Having just learnt Cinema 4D I tried to build the base of my performance around my limited knowledge. The triangles was animated in Cinema 4D and exported to After Effects. Loops was created and prepared in Resolume Arena 5. Music was created in Ableton Live and arranged in loop form so it could be

performed live using a midi controller, in this case and APC 40. The loops in Ableton Live was connected to trigger corresponding video loops in Arena. Parameters was also sent into correspond to parameters in Arena making me able to change both the music and video live in an easy way. Having just limited experience with creating music and live video before this I'm happy with the results. Content was made with Cinema 4D, After Effects and the Trapcode plugin. Music was made and performed in Ableton Live. Video was performed with Resolume Arena. Performance was recording using a Sony FS700 and two Canon 70D.

Motion Graphics Designer, Album promotional material, Mirco Tinacci, 2016

Quick audio preview for Mirco Tinacci's new album Unidirectional Reactions. This was my first proper work within After Effects. The video was really inefficient in the way it was done, every single keyframe was input by hand instead of copy paste because I didn't really understand how the workflow worked. 

Lighting designer, Summer Garden Club, Söders Källa, Gävle, 2014

I was tasked with arranging and setting up lights for the seasonal Summer Garden club. Beam lights to provide the dancefloor with light effects was set up along a truss above the stage. Led bars and par cans were setups along walls around the venue to provide effect and mood lighting.



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