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Game, VR project using the HTC Vive, ongoing

Ever since VR first started becoming a reality I've had an idea for a project in the back of my head. I was finally able to get started after the purchase of a HTC Vive. Using Unreal Engine I've started creating the base of the game. HMD and motion controller support is in and interaction types is in progress. Movement is in added in the form of teleporting to prevent motion sickness but hopefully, users would not have to teleport most of the time and just utilized the room scale movement. The basis of the main level is getting its layout created and is currently in the blocking phase.

VJ set, RED (temp name), ongoing

RED will be my newest video set. It will feature black and red aesthetic featuring classical works of art, modern, neo tokyo and cyberpunk style graphics, Dataglitch and corruptions. RED will be made to work with techno and bass house genres.

VJ set, ROBOTS (temp name), ongoing

The VJ set was first created for the Out of the Factory events in Stockholm 2017 and it has been built on ever since.

Installation, Glitch, Ended 2017

The installation features 7 visual pieces as well a randomizing audio loop in Ableton Live. Videos can either be shown on individual screens or projection mapped to surfaces. Projection mapped version was inspired by a project at Dalarna University using styrofoam rectangles.


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